Why you should ALWAYS wear neutral, earthy tones to your family photoshoot.

Planning a family photoshoot is a wonderful and exciting time. But, with so much to think about, it can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to begin. As a family photographer based in Melbourne, I pride myself on providing you with the details, information and advice you need to get everything right for your big day. 

One piece of advice I always suggest is to wear earthy neutral tones. While some may think that looking bright and colourful for their photoshoot is the way to go, the reasons I suggest this are: 

They go with every background 

Being in Melbourne, I’m sure you know all too well about the unpredictability of the weather. A bright sunny day can quickly turn overcast, and rain can come at a moments notice. I never let this bad weather get in the way, and as long as you’re happy to continue, I find that these shifts in climate can create some of the most beautiful memories. 

For this reason, wearing neutral tones is essential. While colourful prints and bright clothing may settle in well with a warm summery day, these neutral tones will allow you to always be prepared, even if your setting needs to be changed at a moment’s notice. 

They bring out your features and emotions 

Neutral clothing doesn’t create distractions as bright colours can. If those in your family are all wearing different colours in your photo, you will find that the eye line is directed to the most stand out features. 

When you wear neutral colours, the stand-out features immediately become your facial features and expressions. This makes it truly magical as it can help capture the happiness, love and joy shared during your family photoshoot. 

They create a natural, un-forced image 

Candid images or those taken at the moment during a family photography session often turn out to be the most beautiful as they are natural and don’t feel forced. In the same way, wearing natural clothing that isn’t distracting can help you and your family members feel their best selves. In some cases, the families I work with can even forget they are in the middle of a photography session. 

This gives you the comfort you need to relax, so you can spend your time laughing, smiling and having fun. When kids are involved, it is also a great way to represent their purity and love of the world around them. 

Based in Melbourne, I am a family photographer committed to capturing moments in time that you can preserve forever. I have a range of packages that you can choose from and am always

happy to speak with you to provide some further information. Get in touch with me today to book your next shoot.

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