Prepare for your family photosession guide

What to Expect on the Day

Ok. Here is the reality. The first 10 minutes of a photo session are a bit awkward but as you and your family will warm up you will start to feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

If you are reading this guide than I want to tell you that It’s OK if you are not used to these photo sessions. We will go through some prompts and poses to make you feel relaxed. I want you to be you. Just express yourself in front of the lens and I’ll be there to capture those natural moments.

As far as kids are concerned. Kids will be kids and they will lead the session. Don’t expect them to pose or react in a certain way. This might not happen.

What to Wear (Ideas)

I want to keep it simple. Wear something which can keep your warm in summer and cool in winter. Wear something easy and relaxing. I recommend neutral colors as they are timeless and not distracting. If these colors are not available in your wardrobe then look for earthy tones. Just make sure, your colors are complimenting each other and not matching.

You can even bring extra cloths if the locations allows you to change the outfit. Mom’s wear something like flowy skirt or a maxi but it has to be comfortable as we might be moving to more than one spot at the location.

Dad’s need to avoid big graphics or logos and totally avoid black T-shirt and jeans combination.

Do not bring extra accessories like sunglasses, smart watches or heavy jewelry. Simplicity is the key! However, you can a nice hat or cap if you wish.


A day before your photo session with me you can put all of your things in your car including toys and treats for children.

Make sure you are leaving home early so you do not have to rush.

My sessions are held both in morning (2 hours after sunrise) and sunset (an or two before sunset). Make sure you choose a time when kids are more alert. If these times don’t suit your routine than get in touch with me 🙂

How to Prepare

Prepare your family and get them excited. Tell them how important these family photos are for the family. Show them some of my photos I have taken if you have to.

Talk to your partner and children what games are you going to play, what music you are going to dance and what snacks will be they are going to get on the day of the photo session.

Again, Don’t forget to pack a variety of delicious SNACKS!

Make sure kids are well slept and fed because from my experience every photo session depends of their mood. It’s O.K to bribe your children sometimes (if you really have to) which may include going to movie or buying their favorite ice-cream after the session is completed.

Mom can select a dress or two for her and coordinate the rest of the tribe accordingly. Protection Status