Family Photography in Eastern Suburbs – Beaumaris Beach

With a stunning street lined with Victorian Era townhouses and a quaint coastline and regular visits from the local pelicans and seagulls, Beaumaris Beach is the perfect location for your next photo shoot.

It is an amazing outdoor location for a photography session for families in Eastern and South Eastern suburbs including Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett, Black Rock, Sandringham, Beaumaris, Cheltenham, Bentleigh, Glenhuntly, Caulfield, Clayton and Heatherton etc

Whether you are announcing a new member of the family, celebrating a proposal, looking to decorate your home with beautiful family photos or simply want to take some gorgeous shots with your friends. Not to mention, most of the coastline is dog-friendly across the entire year, meaning that all members of your family or friend group, no matter how big or small, can be included.

The soft colour palette of the surroundings, paired with the bold blue and yellow of the shoreline showcase the true power and beauty of nature. When added with the bold orange, red and purple skies of sunrise and sunset, this setting can make for some romantic and magical photographs that require little to no digital touch-ups. Better yet, if the timing is perfect, the sun’s power at golden hour will create a beautiful, orange glow on your images that no filter can perfectly replicate. For the best results, wearing neutral or beige tones can help you to showcase your harmony and devotion to your surroundings and will create a more natural feel to your shoot.

As well, due to its smaller size compared to other local beaches, Beaumaris Beach is typically less populated, meaning you will always find the perfect, empty location for your shoot. If you’re lucky, some local wildlife may even choose to rest into the frame, adding that special, extra touch.

Although photography can capture the moment in time forever, the best part about beach shoots is the fun and long-lasting memories they can create. Those groups and individuals who embrace their surroundings, have fun in the sand and water and bring their best smile with them, and sometimes completely forget that they are meant to be posing for a photo will always produce the most natural, candid-looking and heartwarming results.

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