How To Prepare For A Family Photo Session In 4 Easy Steps

So, you’ve booked your next natural family photography session, but you’re worried about coordinating everything (including the little ones) to make sure that everything is perfect. Although the unforeseeable can always occur, over my time in the field, I have picked up some great techniques for making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Some of these include:

Getting your little ones excited for the big day

If you’ve tried to take a family photo before, you know how frustrating it can be to get everyone to get dressed on time, move into position and look at the camera when asked. Most of the time, young children find that this process, although short, is exhausting and timewasting. By building up the mindset that the photo shoot is fun, exciting and a great way to play together, your little ones will pick up on your energy and be more inclined to easily participate.

As I have a range of prices and packages available, this is especially important if you have booked in a longer shoot as kids will naturally start to fidget as lost patience the longer, they are told to stay in place.

Bring entertainment and food

For those children who get restless quick, bringing along their favorite toys and snacks can be a great way to keep them occupied. I love to capture the most candid of moments and usually find that those parents who bring props along to entertain their little ones often end up with the most beautiful and unexpected photos of them playing.

I usually recommend that the toys brought along as suited for the environment as these will more seamlessly blend into some amazing photographs. For example, if you have chosen a beach setting, bringing a bucket and spade will exemplify your surroundings.

Don’t wait till the last minute

Plan anything that you can in advance, you won’t regret it. Elements such as hair, makeup, clothing and props can be organized the night before your shoot. Having this all packed and prepared will certify that you don’t forget anything detrimental to your shot. Not only this, but if you happen to experience difficulties in the morning, such as uncooperative toddlers, repackaging gives you the extra time that you need to handle it.

When you’re lost for inspiration, ask your photographer

Whether you’re unsure about your outfit choices or need help finding the perfect inspiration for the theme of your photographs, I am always here to help. I have experience capturing special moments between hundreds of families and know the ins and outs of how to truly capture the essence of your lifestyle.

As an experienced photographer who specializes in natural and affordable family photography, I know that it can be stressful trying to get everything to fall into place. If you need any advice on how you can ensure everything proceeds as planned, please feel free to reach out via my contact page at any time.

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