Capturing Memories In The House They Are Growing Up In Before They Fly

Though we hate to admit it, as the circle of life goes, your children will grow up and eventually leave the nest. While the thought can be daunting for some, I believe that the value of the short time you get to spend living together should be cherished, not feared.

The beauty of photography is that while your little ones will grow up, the memory of their favorite things, activities and games can be preserved forever. Not only this, but it is a remarkable way to watch how they grew each day. Throughout my career, I have organized many natural family photo shoots, but I always find that the pictures that invoke the most emotional responses are those that capture a pure moment in time. While I love capturing moments at the beach, park and playground, hosting at-home photoshoots where I can preserve your child’s growth for you to treasure forever will always hold a special place in my heart.

Some of my favorite memories to capture in the house include:

Moments shared between you and your little one

Though they may seem menial, it’s those moments when you are cleaning up some mess from their bib, chasing them around the house or teaching them how to count that truly encapsulate the bond that your family shares. As these are regular activities that you and your family would engage in, your children will also feel calm as they are in a familiar setting and haven’t been pushed too far out of their comfort zone.

Capturing your little one’s favorite toys

We all remember our little one’s first teddy bear and stacking blocks, but unless they have been kept as a keepsake, they will soon forget. I often enjoy those moments during photoshoots when your little one will wander off to soothe their mind. They will always make a direct line for their favorite toy or snack, will typically sit right in front of it and push all of their focus towards it. I love these moments during my natural family photography shoots as they are completely candid and capture your child’s most treasured objects at that exact moment in time.

Preserving moments between siblings

If your family is on the bigger side, I always enjoy spotting special moments between siblings. Though they may bicker and pretend they don’t get along, it is during moments where they are looking to cure the boredom of a long day together that I can capture some truly magical moments.

Though all of these moments can be captured in any location, an at-home setting always allows your children to feel more comfortable and will build some long-lasting moments for you to cherish long after they grow up. As an affordable family photographer in Melbourne, I am always happy to provide my suggestions on how to photograph the most beautiful moments in the home. Contact me today to get started.

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