3 Apps Every Parent Should Use to Save Precious Family Photos

While many of us still have gorgeous photo albums and frames filled with our most treasured photos, we have become more accustomed to storing our photos digitally. Unfortunately, while technology is very reliable, it only takes a brief moment for these devices to malfunction and these precious natural family photos to be erased from existence.

All photographers, digital designers and software professionals will tell you how important it is that you keep backups of all of your data. But, with so many platforms available, how do you know which one is best to store your precious memories?

Although there are so many to choose from, some of my personal favorites include:


Targeted specifically to families who enjoy reflecting on their little one’s growth through photos, Tinybeans offers no limit on storage and will organize all of your photos for you. The app allows you to track your little one’s growth by assigning milestones, such as height, birthdays, first tooth and more to your photos. From the app, you can then spread the love by printing photo books.

Tinybeans is a fantastic application, especially for new families. It is at the top of my list of recommendations when looking for a place to securely store your natural family photography.

Google Photos

Although it isn’t specifically catered to families and their young ones, the benefit of using Google Photos is the mass of compatible services within the Google Suite that it is linked to. Through one Google account, you are able to easily email, upload and organize photos from any device.

Like Tinybeans, Google Photos will also automatically organize your photos for you. It is also easy to share your digital photography with others and it ensures that all quality is upheld between transfers, uploads and downloads. No matter if you are uploading photography from an indoor or outdoor session, you can be guaranteed that your photos are safe and protected.

Google Photos is also free for the first 15GB of photos, making it perfect for families with smaller collections.


1SE or 1 Second Every day, operates a little bit differently than a photo storage service but allows you to preserve one second of every day for you to remember forever. While it may not fall into the category of preserving your existing photos, it works by clipping all of your 1-second videos together to create a movie slideshow. It is a fantastic way to quickly document your little one’s growth and is an incredible tool to capture the most natural family moments.

As a photographer, I understand that the photography industry rapidly changes. I am always here to offer my advice regarding new products and services that would best help you to preserve your memories. Reach out to me via my contact page at any time.

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