3 Reasons Why Indoor Lifestyle Photography Sessions Are Important

When booking a family photoshoot, many families quickly opt for an outdoor setting such as a beach, park, lake or playground. But, with risks such as the unpredictable Melbourne weather matched with unforeseeable crowded scenes, a beautifully planned outdoor photoshoot can quickly unravel.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that your beautiful photoshoot can’t go ahead. When uncertain events arise, your photoshoot can always be moved into the comfort of your very own home.

When I first started capturing natural family photography, I stuck to the status quo. When the unpredictable arose, I would either negotiate a reschedule, or attempt to make the best out of a bad situation. As time has passed, I have continued to grasp the real features behind creating a masterpiece. I began to realize that natural family photography can be even more beautiful when families, particularly those with younger children, are placed in a setting where they are comfortable.

Or more specifically, they are allowed to be themselves at home.

Some other reasons why I have found a deep love in indoor family photography include:

It’s where memories are made

Every home is unique for its very own reason. When I think back to my own home growing up, I remember spending time with my mum in the kitchen, sneaking mouthfuls of food when she wasn’t looking. For others, it’s the memory of wrestling matches with their siblings or even the small dent in the wall from playing ball in the house that makes home so special.

Just like you think back and smile at all the things you and your family used to get up to, your little one’s will one day do the same.

Creating a setting at home allows you and your family to carry on with all of the usual fun and games that you normally would. This then allows you to create a beautiful everlasting memory of them to share for generations to come.

As your little one grows up, your home may change, or you may need to relocate, but having these photos with them will remind them of all their early memories.

It’s where hobbies are enjoyed

I always encourage my clients to have fun during my photoshoots and the best way to have fun is by doing what you love. Whether you and your child are having fun in your makeshift sandpit, or your bigger kids are playing dress-up together, the comfort of a home setting lets me truly encapsulate a particular moment in time.

After all, they grow up so quickly, preserving a moment in time will help you to reflect on the beautiful humans they are becoming.

Pets can join in on the fun

Some outdoor settings may not permit you to bring that special additional member of your family, but your home setting always will. Including your pets in your family photography can truly cement what your family is all about.

Not only this, but it can create a loving memory in years to come about the pets that your children grew up with.

I am passionate about capturing the rawest and natural family photography and I believe that the most beautiful shots are created when you and your loved ones are enjoying your time together. Reach out to me today to book your next family photography session.

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